Project Management Plan

A plan, which helps insure on time completion within budget and in accordance with plans and specifications.


FOODPRO plan is a sequential system of planning, designing, engineering and managing construction and equipment installation developed to offer clients total project responsibility. Through this innovative plan, FOODPRO manages all phases of the project from concept development through start-up with emphasis on planning. The FOODPRO plan enables the client to function as a contractor with FOODPRO personnel insuring success by managing every phase, right down to the last subcontractor or supplier. This assures greater flexibility for achieving faster completion at a lower cost.


It is most important to minimize the time between concept development and successful start-up of the planned operation. Over-running a schedule is unfortunate for any operation because the return on invested capital is delayed, but in the food industry the results can be disastrous since a crop may be missed. Great discipline is required to avoid changes and cost overruns. Cost and schedule controls are interrelated in that a schedule delay adds to the cost. Also, exceeding budget frequently results in project delays, compromises and other undesirable effects. The FOODPRO plan is designed to reasonably assure the client of on-time completion and within budget.


Finishing a project on time and within budget is of primary importance. However, these factors lose their significance if the basic operational plan is wrong. Sound planning is the foundation of quality engineering because this insures DOING RIGHT THINGS RATHER THAN SIMPLY DOING THINGS RIGHT. For example, FOODPRO holds the conviction that “form follows function,” once the optimal operational plan is designed, the facility to house it can be made aesthetically pleasing. Conversely, to begin with an existing building, beautiful though it may be, often means incorporating costly tradeoffs into the operational design.


FOODPRO specialists begin any project with a complete analysis of your requirements-site selection and evaluation, long range planning, feasibility studies or simply preliminary design, depending on your needs. In addition to understanding your present operation (if there is one), a determination of your future requirements is essential. The planned operation should provide options for future expansion but, whenever possible, the future should pay for itself.  We believe in the team approach, for best results are obtained when a client’s personnel are involved in working with FOODPRO‘s specialists to develop and implement a plan.