Client Quotes

What our clients say . . .


. . . Fruit Growers Supply Company

“Your firm was involved in all phases of the project beginning with the presentation of this concept to our Board of Directors, through the site selection, design and engineering, construction supervision and start-up of systems.  There is no question that your involvement in this project saved FGS and the Sunkist Growers substantial time and money and this was most appreciated.”


. . . Feather River Foods

“Thanks to FOODPRO’s skills, we have an outstanding plant at a great location. We continue to provide processed fruit of top quality throughout Japan through our company, Shoei Foods.”


. . . Rica Rondo, S.A.

“Your input and experience has always been valuable, as we recognize that much of the technical progress accomplished in recent years has been with FOODPRO’s help and guidance.”


. . . Jain Group

“We recently had visitors from our worthy competitors and they were very much impressed with everything that they saw.  I do wish to state that a good part of the credit belongs to you and FOODPRO.”


. . . Pet, Inc.

“We are favorably impressed by the thoroughness and engineering professionalism of your report.”


. . . FMC Corporation

“I want to commend you and your group for doing an outstanding job on the vegetable dehydration plant for Chile.  My congratulations for a setting a fine standard of performance.”